COH Objectives
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COH has five general objectives

  • Civic education
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Training
  • Culture
  • Job creation as a way for the youth to contribute to national development through (civic leadership, ethnocultural diversity, social cohesion, sustainable development and patriotism). Each of these general objectives is subdivided into specific objectives.

Our specific objectives:

  • Advocate the development of opportunities for young people and support the increase in provision of services through identified needs.
  • Encourage and support initiative, enterprise, creativity and job creation.
  • Facilitate participation in the program by young people with fewer opportunities, including young people with disabilities.
  • Develop civic education and civic leadership.
  • Promote the fundamental Nigerian cultural values, inter-ethnic understanding and learning.
  • Develop a sense of belonging through participation in Nigeria's democratic process.
  • Ensure and promote gender equality.
  • Promote technical skills acquisition and development.
  • Provide formal, non-formal and informal learning opportunities with a Nigerian focus and opening up innovative opportunities in connection with active citizenship and civic leadership.
  • Give young people the opportunity to take part in the development of Nigeria.

About COH

COH Aims

COH aims

COH Aims

Circle of Hands (COH) aims to involve young people in the society as active citizens and strengthen their belief in Nigeria and its potential. We also intend to contribute quality education ..

COH Objectives

COH objectives

Our Objectives

COH has five general objectives: Civic education,Entrepreneurship, Training, Culture, Job creation as a way for the youth to contribute to national development ...

COH Creed

COH creed

COH Creed

CAGE THE RAGE: A problem known is half-solved, we know the solution to Nigeria's woes, join Circle of Hands to cage the rage you feel and convert it to the driving force . ...

COH Symbol Meaning

COH symbol meaning

Symbol And Meaning

Circle of Hands communicates the unified balance in human cooperation.

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COH volunteer

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