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CAGE THE RAGE: A problem known is half-solved, we know the solution to Nigeria's woes, join Circle of Hands to cage the rage you feel and convert it to the driving force that will impel you to drive those solutions. Add your hand to the circle so we can move Nigeria forward.
WALK THE TALK: we are a great community for those whose talk about Nigeria's problem must be validated by a demonstrated commitment to a correct diagnosis of those problems, tracing them to their roots, and harvesting the bad fruits that have been borne from them while nipping new ones in their buds. It is time for effective solutions and the solutions must begin with the 'talker.' PLACE YOUR FACE: the social media is the bridge that links several generations together in borderless camaraderie, a sordid illusion in many other parts of the Nigerian society. No church or mosque within the Nigerian space can boast of such a liberal yielding of space. While academic institutions cannot deny their elitist spots along the lines of age, gender, tribe, and other spurious innate and cultivated biases carefully or ill-concealed that still keep lines of integration distinct.

The social media generously releases as much space as each one deems fit for use, for such purposes as will meet the needs of each user, all within the bounds of civility and whatever level of decency societal tolerance meter dictates. Why not place your face in our space and take advantage of such liberality to change crippling mindsets for the ones that will unleash our undeniable potentials? Do you want to share those brilliant ideas and innovations of yours? Are your ideas well thought out and nicely crafted? Let’s jointly decode Nigeria’s problems.

Together, we can articulate effective solutions. Together, we can get our hands deep in the work of reconstructing the tottering edifice - Nigeria. MEND THE REND. The sordid jaggedness of the rend in Nigeria’s garment of international prestige is embarrassing. You know the right stitch. You have the right thread. Muster up the will to mend it the way it should be so the mend is not more or even as jarring as the rend it sought to fix. Your well-embroidered agbada is unbecoming for as long as the buttocks of the mother who bore you stays exposed for global eyes to gawk at. So, join us, and let’s quickly mend the rend and restore our mother’s dignity. COMMIT TO REMIT.

If you think God gave you that super-duper brain of yours so you can talk only at meal tables and inside your living room, na lie for you! All the high-brow schools with the formal and informal training you have received? It is time to give back. Whether you feel Nigeria invested enough in you or not is beside the point now, you have to do something. We can decide to start charging "footstep tax" for the many times you have trod on our soil since you were born. Or "air tax" for the amount of oxygen you have inhaled since you took your first breath. After all, each of those were assigned by God to Nigeria in what is within our air space, so whether you have quantified it or not, some sort of investment went into you. We are asking you to make returns.

Circle of Hands is where you can have a well-thought out, articulated, and effective ways to remit returns. Please commit.

About COH

COH Aims

COH aims

COH Aims

Circle of Hands (COH) aims to involve young people in the society as active citizens and strengthen their belief in Nigeria and its potential. We also intend to contribute quality education ..

COH Objectives

COH objectives

Our Objectives

COH has five general objectives: Civic education,Entrepreneurship, Training, Culture, Job creation as a way for the youth to contribute to national development ...

COH Creed

COH creed

COH Creed

CAGE THE RAGE: A problem known is half-solved, we know the solution to Nigeria's woes, join Circle of Hands to cage the rage you feel and convert it to the driving force . ...

COH Symbol Meaning

COH symbol meaning

Symbol And Meaning

Circle of Hands communicates the unified balance in human cooperation.

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