Collective Leadership
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collective leadership

With Circle of Hands collective leadership, people come together to mobilize human, cultural, and technological resources to improve their communities and country. It is an inclusive approach to leadership that crosses age, income, ethnic, religious, and cultural barriers while tasking individuals to commit to bidirectional learning, joint action, shared responsibility, and mutual accountability.

Collective leadership focuses on collaboration instead of individual change agents. Principles of Collective leadership: It is a relational approach where individuals assume leadership roles within a group while the entire group provides leadership within the community. This approach is transformational with a firm commitment to social justice. It also yields to specific situations and settings.

Stages of Collective Leadership

These are defined as: prepare, plan, perform, and perpetuate. The first stage will prepare and lay the foundation for all future work by building relationships within the community and managing the tasks associated with a new effort. The planning stage is the visioning process where we get youth leaders to define the goals and objectives and the methods for achieving the set goals. At the performance stage, work plans turn to reality. All these are perpetuated in the last stage for sustainable impact.

Collective Leadership Practices: with every step we take, our leaders focus on five practices:

  1. Build youth partnerships
  2. Mobilize the community
  3. Recognize and harness individual talents
  4. Build teamwork, and
  5. Reflect and learn.

We have a series of resources in our Knowledge Fountain to help you understand our processes.

About COH

COH Aims

COH aims

COH Aims

Circle of Hands (COH) aims to involve young people in the society as active citizens and strengthen their belief in Nigeria and its potential. We also intend to contribute quality education ..

COH Objectives

COH objectives

Our Objectives

COH has five general objectives: Civic education,Entrepreneurship, Training, Culture, Job creation as a way for the youth to contribute to national development ...

COH Creed

COH creed

COH Creed

CAGE THE RAGE: A problem known is half-solved, we know the solution to Nigeria's woes, join Circle of Hands to cage the rage you feel and convert it to the driving force . ...

COH Symbol Meaning

COH symbol meaning

Symbol And Meaning

Circle of Hands communicates the unified balance in human cooperation.

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COH volunteer

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