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Circle of Hands - Innovations, Investment Club and Co-operative Society

Dear members, in the last few months a lot of ideas that can empower and energize Nigerian youths has come up. In our interactions, we found a common trend; Nigerian youths are creating new ways of doing things but there is no outlet to showcase these ideas except in entertainment. Dr. Kunle Ojeleye has defined our website requirements and we have contacted the chosen developer. We expect him to come up with a beta on or before first week in September. Please find below some of the new ideas we will be unveiling at the October 1 event. Other ideas and our keynote speaker will be revealed in due course.


We will be showcasing new products and designs by the youth. We will put winning products and ideas on our website. The products and ideas adopted by COH will be sponsored with significant ownership belonging to COH. The picture below is an example. A prototype (detachable pots that can cook three different things on one stove) designed by Ayoola Ojo - please do not copy the picture. It is his intellectual property!

Investment Club

We will form an investment club where older members who are established and are interested may join and put in cash towards commercially viable businesses. These businesses will be monitored and profits will be given the investors according to their contributions.

Co-operative Society

We will create an avenue for salaried employees and business people to pool resources to fund businesses, pay school fees or meet other financial obligations through daily, weekly or monthly contributions.

We will be planning and working on safeguards for the safety of savings and investments we eventually adopt. If you know how to create apps please indicate your interest for further exploration. A member came up with a brilliant idea that an app can handle.

Thank you. Posted on behalf of Yakub Aliyu


About COH

COH Aims

COH aims

COH Aims

Circle of Hands (COH) aims to involve young people in the society as active citizens and strengthen their belief in Nigeria and its potential. We also intend to contribute quality education ..

COH Objectives

COH objectives

Our Objectives

COH has five general objectives: Civic education,Entrepreneurship, Training, Culture, Job creation as a way for the youth to contribute to national development ...

COH Creed

COH creed

COH Creed

CAGE THE RAGE: A problem known is half-solved, we know the solution to Nigeria's woes, join Circle of Hands to cage the rage you feel and convert it to the driving force . ...

COH Symbol Meaning

COH symbol meaning

Symbol And Meaning

Circle of Hands communicates the unified balance in human cooperation.

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COH volunteer

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